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Aims & Objectives
  • Macro-economic Management, which deals with analysis and management of the macro-economy, planning and forecasting.
  • Financial Sector Management, which covers foreign exchange reserves management, Regulation and supervision of financial institutions, payment systems, risk modeling and issues related to the stability of the financial system as a whole.
  • Sovereign Debt Management, which encompasses debt database management, policy and strategies.

Established in 1997 under an expanded mandate, MEFMI was founded with the view to building sustainable capacity in identified key areas in ministries of finance, planning commissions and central banks, or equivalent institutions.

MEFMI strives to improve human and institutional capacity in the critical areas of macroeconomic and financial management; foster best practices in related institutions; and bring emerging risks and opportunities to the fore among executive level officials. MEFMI seeks to achieve, within its member states, prudent macroeconomic management, competent and efficient management of public finances, sound, efficient and stable financial sectors and stable economies with strong and sustained growth.

The long-term objective is to contribute to the poverty reduction process among people in MEFMI’s operational zone of the Eastern and Southern Africa.

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