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The supreme governing body of MEFMI is the Board of Governors which sets the policy of the institute. The policies of the institution are guided by the MEFMI constitution. The Executive Committee appointed by the Board of Governors oversees the day to day operations of the institute and reports to the Board.

Board of Governors
Each member state appoints a member and an alternate member to the Board of Governors, which is the supreme body of the institute.

Powers of the Board of Governors include:
    •      determine policy of the institute
    •      approve annual budget, annual report and audited financial statements
    •      admit new members
    •      appoint Chairperson and Vice Chairperson of the Board of Governors and members of the Executive Committee
    •      appoint the Executive Director of the Institute (on recommendation of the Executive committee)

The Board of Governors meets at least once a year.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the Vice Chairman of the Board of Governors (who is chairman of the Executive Committee), four other voting members and the Executive Director as ex-officio non-voting member

Responsibilities of the Executive Committee include:
    •      overseeing day to day operations of the institute
    •      approving work plans and programmes
    •      preparing budgets and accounts
    •      preparing policies, procedures, rules and regulations
    •      preparing reports

The Executive Committee meets at least twice a year.

The MEFMI secretariat is based at the headquarters seat in Harare, Zimbabwe. It is headed by the Executive Director Dr. Ellias E. Ngalande - Executive Director and assisted by four Programme/Departmental Directors.
Mr Alphious M. Ncube - Director, Financial Sector Management Programme

Mr Raphael O. Otieno - Director, Debt Management Programme

 Mrs Rose G.K.M. Phiri - Director, Finance and Administration

The position of Director Macroeconomic Management Programme is currently vacant.

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